SEQUENTIAL (Dave Smith Instruments) Prophet 08 Deskstop

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30 years on from Dave Smith’s renowned Prophet 05, the Prophet 08 has been released and whilst it doesn’t sound exactly like the Prophet 05 - it's cleaner, purer and a little more predictable . The desktop version fits nicely into any studio or live scenario with its wooden sides that can be replaced to fit in a 19 inch rack unit. With a 100% analog signal path, this 8 voice polyphonic monster is able to recreate classic sounds from its predecessors but also tackle more modern sounds heard in electronic music.

The Prophet 08’s digitally controlled oscillators (DCO’s), famed Curtis Filter, sequencer and arpeggiator, extensive modulation options and it’s bi-timbral functionality makes this synthesizer great at creating soaring leads, lush pads, organic keys and complex layers. Discovering all these sounds and saving your own patches is simple with it’s 2 banks of 128 presets per bank. All parameters can easily be controlled and automated using MIDI CC messages but can be expanded even further with it’s own sound editing software.

For more information about the Prophet 08 Desktop and its possibilities please don’t hesitate to contact us


2 DCO’s with selectable waveforms
Glide and detune for each oscillator
Curtis filter with selectable 2 pole or 4 pole operation
Envelope generators for filter, amp and assignable
Sequencer and arpeggiator
4 LFO’s
4 x 2 modulation matrix
Bi-timbral, layer and split
Pitch bend and mod wheel controlled externally
MIDI in, out, thru and poly chain for 16 voices
2 x stereo output (main output and b output)
Headphone output
13.5 volt power supply
Rack mount or wooden ends

Dates: Jul 27, 2019

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