KORG Prologue 16-Voice

Korg have been raising the bar in the last couple years with their range of quality analog synthesizers at more than affordable price points. Now their latest addition and flagship synthesizer the Prologue-16, a predecessor to the Monologue and Minilogue range, Korg’s Prologue is truly unique and amazing.

At the heart of the Prologues sound are its two massive sounding VCO’s and newly developed multi-engine allowing you to combine digital waveforms and FM synthesis within the analog signal path. With an impressive range of DSP effects including; multiple delays and reverbs, the Prologues poliphony can also be set to different modes including poly, mono, unison and chords. The Prologue can create almost any sound for any genre and with 250 included patches all categorized and easily browsable it’s not long before you realize the Prologues sonic scape.

Other impressive features include an oscilloscope which gives you a visual feedback when sculpting patches and an added low frequency compressor displayed with a VU meter adds massive weight and punch to your low-end sounds. In the studio, sounds can be controlled and automated via MIDI and USB and with a with the downloadable sound librarian you can browse patches from your computer and even upload custom oscillators and effects to device.

For more information about the Prologue-16 and its possibilities please don’t hesitate to contact us info@resonantmusic.com.au

2 voltage controlled oscillators (VCO’s) with selectable waveforms
Multi-engine oscillator
3 channel mixer
2 pole filter with drive and low cut
Envelope generator for amp and filter
Assignable LFO
Portamento, voice spread and voice mode depth control
Voice modes with poly, mono, unison and chord
Modulation effects including chorus, ensemble, phaser, flanger and user
Selectable delays and reverbs
Master L.F Compressor
OLED display with an oscilloscope
61 note semi weighted keyboard
Pitch and mod wheels
Stereo output
Headphone output
Sync in and out
MIDI in, out and over USB
Damper and expression pedal ports
AC power supply

Dates: Jul 25, 2019

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