Wireless Microphone, hand held, lapel, head-set or instrume

We have a wide range of Shure Wireless Microphones available for hire:

Shure UHF frequency agile systems with Hand-held, Instrument, Lapel or Head-set Wireless Microphone.

The Shure PGX range of cordless microphones is very reliable and easy to use.

Each system includes Carry-case, power-supply and connecting leads for the Receiver and batteries for the Transmitter/Beltpack.

We also have the Shure SLX range of cordless microphones. These are more versatile with various antenna options for a greater range, battery indicator and backlit display on both microphone and receiver.

Available Cordless Microphones:

SM58 Hand-held, (including boom stand)

Beta58A Hand-held, (including boom stand)

Beta98H-C clip on instrument mic to suit brass, percussion and any other acoustic instrument

WL185 directional Lapel mic

WL93 omni sub-miniature Lapel mic

WH20 cardiod Head-set

NHS777-O lightweight beige Headset

WA302 instrument Beltpack to suit guitar, bass guitar or any instrument with a pick-up or jack output.

Dates: Jun 9, 2016

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