SEQUENTIAL (Dave Smith Instruments) Tempest


Created by two legendary instrument designers Dave Smith and Roger Linn, the Tempest analog drum machine is already cementing itself as a future classic. At its core, the Tempest is a six voice polyphonic synthesizer that has been tweaked for beat and performance focused music production. Initially overwhelming with menus and buttons, the Tempest is loaded with a magnitude of presets for sounds, beats and kits to get you started. Each of the six voices has two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators loaded with over 450 one shot samples. This makes it great for creating hybrid layers of analog and sampled sounds.

Although marketed as a drum machine, the Tempest is also a great synthesizer with a sound resembling other instruments from Dave Smith. When programmed correctly the Tempest can become your one-stop-shop for drums, bass, leads and effects - whilst all being processed and controlled through its on board mixer, compressor and sequencer. If this isn't enough, the Tempest is also a great companion in the studio with eight audio outputs and MIDI In/Out. Externally controlling and processing the Tempest is extremely flexible with the ability to route and trigger the 2 banks of 16 pads to any destination then saving your settings and sounds.

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2 VCO’s per voice with selectable waveforms
2 DCO’s per voice with over 450 samples
1 sub-octave generator per voice
Curtis low-pass filter with 2 pole or 4 pole operation per voice
High-pass filter per voice
5 envelope generators for pitch, filter, amp and two auxiliary
2 LFO’s per voice
8 x 8 modulation matrix
16 pressure and velocity sensitive pads
2 pressure and position touch sliders
Analog compressor and distortion on main outputs
Hardware MIDI delay per voice
Sequencer with swing modes
Stereo output
6 individual voice outputs
Headphone output
MIDI in, out and over USB
15 volt power supply

Dates: Jul 27, 2019

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