Back in 1978 when Korg’s MS20 was still in production it’s partner in crime was the SQ-10 analog sequencer, now with the with the revamping of many classic synthesizers including the MS20 mini and Arp Odyssey it was no surprise that Korg have reimagined the SQ-10 in a new, ultra compact and affordable sequencer. The SQ-1 is 2x8 step sequencer with an array of connections and modes for controlling various analog and vintage synthesizers. Housed in a very sturdy sheet-metal body and with the option to be either battery powered or bus powered via USB, the SQ-1 is the perfect tool for stepping away from the computer and exploring new potentials with your analog gear.

For more information about the SQ-1 and its possibilities please don’t hesitate to contact us info@resonantmusic.com.au


8 Different sequencer modes
4 Different step modes
CV OUT Pitch with linear, minor, major and chromatic
2x CV out and gate
MIDI out and over USB
SYNC in and out
littleBits out
5 hour battery life with two AA batteries (alkaline preferred)
USB bus powered

Dates: Jul 27, 2019

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