KORG Arp Odyssey

Originally introduced in 1972, the Arp Odyssey is one of the most important synthesizers made to date, taking cult status with other iconic instruments such as the Minimoog, Prophet 5 and CS-80. After being reintroduced in 2015 with a 14% smaller version of the original, Korg has now brought this classic back to life in it’s full size glory and sound with a couple of added modern features.

With perfectly replicated circuitry as the original, the Arp Odyssey FS is an all analog monophonic synthesizer with the ability to play duophonic by splitting the two oscillators. It has no menus or presets forcing you to get your hands dirty and although initially feeling outdated it’s not long before you realise why this synthesizer was so popular and how fun it is to use. Not only is the Arp Odyssey great at tackling rich bass sounds and wailing leads the three different filter types and envelope generators are perfect for replicating soundscapes reminiscent of 80’s sci-fi movies. Now with added MIDI/in and over USB the Arp Odyssey has been brought back to the present for the modern musician.

For more information about the Arp Odyssey FS and its possibilities please don’t hesitate to contact us info@resonantmusic.com.au

2 VCO’s with sawtooth, square and dynamic pulse waveforms
Ring modulator
White and pink noise generator
Three filter types
ADSR and AR envelope generators
Proportional pitch and modulation control pads
37-note keyboard (no velocity sensitivity or after touch)
Mono output with ¼ inch or XLR
Headphone output
External mono audio input
MIDI in and over USB
CV in/out, gate in/out and trigger in/out
Pedal and portamento foot switch inputs
12 volt power adaptor
Assembled in the USA

Dates: Jul 25, 2019

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