Information about Everywhere Roadie

How it works

How it works

Everywhere Roadie provides a space where you can:

  • Locate and borrow (hire) music equipment / gear you need while you are on the road or in the studio, with little cost.
  • Make some cash when you're at home by lending (hiring) out your own music gear to other musicians.
  • List your services as an engineer/stage-tech/photographer etc.
  • Have access to member deals, such as discounts on accommodation. 

To use the service, you just need to create an account with Everywhere Roadie. You can do this by logging in with your Facebook account or through creating a unique profile. 

If you are looking to lend out your gear to others you will need to connect your PayPal account

Before you use the site make sure you have read all the Terms of use


What is Everywhere Roadie all about? 

Everywhere Roadie was started by a group of Melbourne-based musicians who were tired of paying a fortune to hire gear. We thought about all of the unused kits and amps that must be sitting in garages across the country, and how we could connect the people who own this gear with the people who need it. 

Everywhere Roadie aims to be a sharing marketplace for musicians that will reduce the cost of touring, and give artists an opportunity to make some money by hiring out their gear when it's not being used.       

What is in it for me? Why would I use this?  

As a borrower: 
  • You can dramatically reduce the costs of hiring and transporting gear. 
  • You could find an obscure instrument for recording. 
  • You could find an engineer in a town you have never played before. 
  • Meet other musos and like-minded people. 

As a lender (hirer): 
  • You can make money off your equipment while it's not being used 
  • Be part of a community that is supporting and helping make life easier for artists (warm fuzzies etc etc)       

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Nope. Nada. Negative. Signing up and creating an account is absolutely free.   

What does Everywhere Roadie charge in terms of a fee?

We take a 15% cut from the borrower's fee. 

You can see the breakdown of fees when you are completing a transaction. 

For example, if a borrower's fee is $35, PayPal takes $1.21 and we take $2.25.

The money we earn as a business is then used to cover things like site management and updates, marketing fees etc. 

How does give back to the music community?

Everywhere Roadie donate 30% of profits to help the important work of Support Act

Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, helping artists and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, injury or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music. 

They help by providing different kinds of support, which include financial relief, advice and practical assistance. They also contribute to funeral costs. They help music workers of all kinds: artists, songwriters, composers, musicians, roadies, techies, managers, staffers and others. They treat every request for help confidentially and make no judgement about people's circumstances. To find out more about their work and how to support it please visit If you know anyone who may need their help, please let them know or pass on their number: 1300 731 303.   

What if my gear gets damaged?   

Protecting your gear is of utmost importance. As you would get contents insurance for your home and car insurance for your vehicle, we suggest you insure all the gear you intend to list for hire. (Check out AON Insurance)

Other things we suggest you do when working out the hire arrangements with a borrower include:
  • Request a copy of the borrowers passport or drivers license and/or proof of current residential address.
  • Request a 'bond'. This can be arranged by adding it onto the hire fee, and refunding it through PayPal once the gear has been returned. 
  • Opt to deliver the gear to the borrower, either directly to the venue or an actual residence.
Remember, you have complete control over who you choose to lend your gear to. If the user has not built up any reviews or ratings on the site, request further information from them before you enter a transaction with them. 

How do I know that the gear is in good working order? 

When hiring gear we recommend you take the same steps as you would when renting anything. Check the hirers reviews, and if they have yet to build up a profile get in touch with them - find out who they are. Test out the gear when you are picking it up, or if it's being dropped off, before the hirer leaves. 

When listing your gear, include a picture (a real one folks - stock images ain’t gonna help you here), information on your last service or when you last replaced skins/tubes/strings etc. Consider having your gear tagged. If there is any wear and tear on the gear, take a photo and acknowledge this on the listing. Include information on your profile about yourself (what you do, who you play or have played with etc) 

As musicians ourselves, we’ve found over many years of playing that the vast majority of musicians value and look after their gear (some much better than themselves). 

What if there's no gear listed in my area?

Lead the way! Being the first to make gear available in your area means the spotlight will be on you - All artists heading to your town will be directed straight to your listings.

Why do I need a Premier or Business PayPal account to lend gear? 

To accept any payments through PayPal, you need to have a Premier or Business account. (You are not allowed to do this with a Personal account - shame on you if you do!) If you currently have a Personal account, you can upgrade to a Premier for free in a matter of minutes by clicking here: The added bonus with a Premier or Business account is that you can accept multiple payment types. 

Please note: If you are just using the site to borrow gear from other users (ie you are not listing any of your own gear), you do not need to have a PayPal account.    

Can I ask for a bond?    

 Yes. You can do this by including the bond amount in your hire fee within your listing. Once your gear has been returned, you refund the bond amount through PayPal. Make sure you include all details of the amount you are requesting, and when it will be refunded in your listing.   

Can I ask for Proof of Identification?    

Yes. As a lender, you can set your own requirements and request copies of ID documents and proof of address prior to lending out any gear.   

Can I set the availability of my gear using a calendar?    

Yes. When setting up a listing for gear, you are given the option to enable the Availability Calendar. You can update the availability at any time by editing your listing, and greying out the dates gear is unavailable.      

What kind of gear can I list? 

There are no restrictions on what you can list, however, the item must be yours and it must be related to music or performance. For example: DJ equipment Sound and lighting Live sound equipment (e.g. PA) Stage props Projectors or cameras Recording equipment Guitars and other instruments Sound engineering services (yes you can list yourself!) Roadie or guitar tech (yes, see above!)   

Can I list myself on Everywhere Roadie?

Say what?! Hell Yes! If you are an engineer, roadie, stage tech, lighting lord or a merch champ feel free to offer your fabulous services! Just set up a profile, add your service as a listing and name your rate.